The female body as a narrative landscape





Wearable – Election day. Female body as a social and political narrative landscape.

election day


Wearable – Figment response to Mark Di Suvero sculptures on Governors Island. Cultural and social construct.

the-female-body_07 the-female-body_06 the-female-body_08the-female-body_18

Wearable – Dumbo. Social construct.

the-female-body_01 the-female-body_04 the-female-body_05 the-female-body_02 the-female-body_03



Wearable – Today. Messages from a day in New York.

the-female-body_15 the-female-body_14 the-female-body_13 the-female-body_11






the-female-body_19 the-female-body_30 the-female-body_24 the-female-body_27 the-female-body_29 the-female-body_28 the-female-body_23 the-female-body_22 the-female-body_26 the-female-body_25

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