Ingredients of a Subway Car

Ingredients of a Subway Car Performance and Installation – Inspired by the NYC Subway. The NYC subway is the most interesting theater in the world, it has both certainty and uncertainty, you know the train is coming but you don’t know what is inside.

1. Strings
2. Brushes
3. Clock
4. Meat Grinder
5. Food
6. Juice
7. Juicer
8. Toy Cars
9. Ball
10. Coins
11. Sawdust
12. Walmart Flipflops
13. Spacesuit
14. Various objects with dubious character




Ingredients of a Subway Car Performance and Installation – created in 4 hours with various objects of dubious character.

Includes painting with a belt, staple gun, wood shavings, umbrella, toy cars, soap dishes, juicer, juiced veggies, spinach, yellow and red paint, string, carrots, apple peels, pants, feet, walmart flip-flops, old barometer, old singing bird clock which no longer sings.

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