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You may think that this green stuff doesn’t belong here, but…, New York city is dense with people, as well as buildings. It would have been unfair to the people to only show buildings..  as when you are on the ground in New York city – you are mostly overwhelmed by the people and the sheer amount of fast walking, or resting, persons.
Here is Washington Square park, in the heart of the city, in the heart of summer.

There is a story behind this Tokyo cityscape below – I was in Tokyo fresh from Kyoto, low on cash and looking for the Tokyo branch of my bank.

You have to realize that Japanese ATM machines often do not work with your bank or credit cards that you brought from the States. I think purchases at shops are okay it is just the cash withdrawal that is a problem. But you need cash in Japan.

And here I was looking for my bank, holding a printout of the address and an idea of the general location. The bank was in a skyscraper. Skyscrapers in Japan do not have addresses written on them at ground level. They have large billboards with names of companies… at the top. So here I was going up and down skyscrapers, looking out windows, generally almost completely out of cash and having no clue what ( I am looking at ) or where ( I should be going ). it all ended well, the building was found and I happily took my cash on the 20th floor of a skyscraper and here are the photographs I took during that one fortunate trip.

And here is a non-distressed photograph i took from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building No. 1

Cityscape of Tokyo  - rooftops of houses and buildings in the heart of Tokyo , photographed from   Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building No. 1

tokyo rooftops cityscape




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