some kind of sky, sea and garden

The following are photographs from diverse locations but behind each photograph there is a story. One such story is set on the vast beaches of Playa Grande in Costa Rica. I had gone to Costa Rica to spend a week over the Thanksgiving holidays to learn how to surf. After taking a few surfing lessons in San Francisco I thought that warmer water will instantly make me a good surfer.

After a red eye flight to Miami I took a terrifying flight to San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, and then jumped into an SUV and headed to Playa Grande – home to Parque Nacional Marino Las Baulas, surfers and turtles.

It took a couple of days to find out I am not only a terrible surfer – I hated big waves and deep water. So I spent a week roaming the beaches of Playa Grande with my camera, going to see giant leatherback turtles come to the beach at night and lay their eggs in perfectly square holes. I spent endless evenings looking at the large orange sunsets and even longer days looking at the vast empty beaches, shallow pools of water and blue skies.

Playa Grande had the largest patches of blue I had ever seen. it seemed as if they packed two Earths worth of blue sky and three Moons worth of ocean.

This series is arranged spatially and not by locale. Imagine a palace on the shores of a vast ocean. A panning, uninterrupted shot starts at the inner sanctum of the palace, pans through its gardens, glides over its ponds, leaps over the walls to arrive at the shore and looks up at the sky. And, now, scramble that. This is how this visual story unfolds.


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